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Looking for support to bring your research results to the market?

TECSAM Network's Programs - Exclusive for member groups

Mentoring and support for our members in transfer and valorization

TECSAM Network is launching the IV Edition of the Programmes, an exclusive resource for member groups to receive funding in mentoring and professional advice to bring their research projects closer to the market and users. Take advantage of the opportunity and submit your application!

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS OPEN UNTIL 30 NOVEMBER 2024! We have established five cut-off points: 31 March,31 May, 31 July, 30 September and 30 November.

*You can receive support in: regulatory and legal matters, market analysis, business models, strategies to enter the market, technological feasibility and scalability studies, and much more depending on your objectives and needs in terms of transfer and valorization.

Valorization and Tech Transfer Program.last

Previous Editions of Programs

3rd Edition

Participation record: we gave support to a total of 49 projects from 31 research groups, twice as many initiatives as in the second edition!

Specifically, during the first nine months of 2023 we accompanied 20 innovative projects from 14 research groups to facilitate their transfer. Finally, in the last quarter, 17 groups received advice and support for a total of 29 disruptive projects.

Are you a member of the Network and want to enjoy our support? The FOURTH EDITION is now open!

2nd Edition

Thanks to the 2nd Edition of the TECSAM Network's Programs, under the name of Valorization & Tech Transfer Program, 16 member groups received personalised support and advice from top-level consultancy agencies to carry out a total of 18 innovative and disruptive research projects.

1st Edition

The 1st edition of the Programs gave support to 10 member groups of the Network with training and personalized advice to push and bring 13 projects and research results closer to the market.

In this first edition, the Network launched two types of programs: the Transfer Program, to identify and transfer knowledge and research results, and the Intellectual Property Program, aimed at protecting the knowledge and solutions developed by the member groups.

Success stories

TDApp: support for children and families

Business model and strategy consulting have brought this tool closer to users. Designed for people with ADHD and their environment, it generates automated, updated and personalized therapeutic recommendations, allowing to choose the most appropriate treatment in each case

Patent study for biocompatible extracellular vesicles

Participating in the programs has made it possible to speed up the patentability studies and the intellectual protection itinerary. In addition, a market study has been carried out to materialize the business plan and facilitate the arrival on the market

Database of unitary costs: service required for health economics and cost-effectiveness studies

The support to define the business model and a recent market study have made it possible to determine the technological needs and how to bring this solution closer to the market

Telerehabilitation for neuromuscular diseases

Thanks to regulatory advice and market research, this initiative is one step closer to bring its non-immersive virtual reality and telerehabilitation technology to society, which will help people who have suffered a stroke regain their mobility

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