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Feeling Master

Serious gaming & gamification

Schizophrenia/Psychotic disorder

Application based on psychotherapy and interactive games for the evaluation and training of emotional recognition in people with schizophrenia

13 September, 2022

Application developed jointly with the Universitat
Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) that allows an evaluation and training on emotional recognition in people with schizophrenia, through a psychotherapeutic tool that makes use of interactive games. The results have been positive, opening the possibility of adapting it to other problems or mental disorders. In addition, the group also participates in the adaptation and validation of a large number of psychological scales, mainly focused on serious mental disorders. They have also participated in the development of protocols and clinical guidelines for psychosis and schizophrenia in different entities, such as: APA, IAWMH, WHO, WFSBT or CIBERSAM.

PIs: Judith Usall & Susana Ochoa

Research group: Etiopathogenesis and treatment of severe mental disorders (MERITT)

Institution: Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu (PSSJD) / Fundació Sant Joan de Déu (FSJD)

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