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Mental health promotion & prevention

Adolescent mental health literacy through social networks

19 May, 2023


The eHealthLit4Teen project focuses on improving the mental and emotional health of the adolescent population living in Barcelona through the use of social networks to deliver digital content and educate about mental health. 

Thus, the learning ecologies and the dynamics of digital communication on mental health contents present in social networks are analyzed with the aim of proposing a literacy intervention, to be carried out through secondary schools in Barcelona, capable of improving the mental health condition of these young people. In this way, social networks can become a useful tool to make resources, programs and materials related to the field of mental health available to young adolescents. 

This project, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, uses an interdisciplinary approach from three different fields: psychology, communication and behavioral science methodology. In the case of the latter, it analyzes the mechanisms that condition the virality of health contents in social networks, through social listening programs, in order to study their impact on the adolescent population. 

Likewise, the project is fed by a survey and interviews with adolescents attending ESO in different educational centers throughout Barcelona with the aim of finding out how they use social networks for mental health, how they inform themselves about mental health and who their referents or influencers are in order to overcome the biggest challenge: reaching these young adolescents. 

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PI: Manuel Armayones Ruiz

Project PI: Eulàlia Hernández Encuentra

Research group: Behavioural Design Lab (BDLab)

Institution: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)/eHealth Center

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