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AI/Machine-Deep learning

General mental health

Identification of Emerging Social Needs as a consequence of Covid-19 and effect on the Social Services of the territory using a methodology that combines data science techniques, knowledge management and AI

13 September, 2022


INSESS-COVID19 is a prospective study to find out the vulnerabilities of the Catalan population in the coming months and provide decision-making elements. INSESS-COVID19 will use an innovative approach based on fast data obtention mechanisms from participatory processes that will involve experts in social services and citizens; a mixed methodology that combines data science techniques, knowledge management and artificial intelligence, and will allow to contribute elements of support to the elaboration of policies in the field of Social Services in Catalonia.

PI: Karina Gibert

Research group: IDEAI – Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center

Institution: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

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Other projects of the group are: 

  • Long-Remi: technological application to support reminiscence therapy for the promotion of healthy longevity. Visit the project website here.
  • MADRIM: Remote and intelligent monitoring tool for patients with major depression, which allows predicting and monitoring depression in patients in their own home.Visit the project website here.
  • CASPER (PI: Cecilio Angulo): social robot pet of cognitive assistance for the reduction of pain and anxiety.
  • TADIA-MED (PI: Jordi Turmo): analysis of medical texts for assistance in disease prediction