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Affective disorders

Improving Depression through Exercise and Activation

24 July, 2023


The IDEA project measures and studies the behavioural and functional changes of a person once a personalised physical exercise treatment has been started in order to determine whether there is a positive evolution towards healthier habits. 

The starting point is a randomised study promoted by the Mental Health Research Group, in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Research Group of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute Barcelona, investigating the impact and efficacy of personalised physical exercise prescription on functionality in people suffering from depressive symptoms. 

In parallel, the IDEApp aplication has been developed, which collects the data of people affected by depression and offers personalised tools to work on motivation and promote the accompaniment of users. The app, which is linked to a smart bracelet, is designed to send notifications and reminders to encourage users’ adherence and actively contribute to behavioural changes in relation to physical exercise. 

The study is accompanied by 6 therapy sessions guided by a psychologist and a physiotherapist to reinforce the motivation mechanism and practical exercises.

IDEA group sessions 2

The data collected by the application are: number of steps taken, aerobic activity performed (including duration, distance travelled, calories burned and maximum and minimum heart rate), whether stretching, strength and endurance or relaxation exercises have been performed and hours slept (including total time, deep and light sleep hours). 

The main measure of effectiveness of the project is the functionality of the affected person, where it is expected that this will improve thanks to the proposed interventions and the monitoring carried out with the application.

More information about the project here.

PI: Francesc Colom Victoriano

COPI: Víctor Pérez Sola

Research group: Mental Health Research Group

Institution: Hospital del Mar Research Institute Barcelona / Hospital del Mar Barcelona

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