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Breakfast and Learn

Breakfast and Learn

Virtual, open and free training pills on innovation, valorization and transfer of mental health research

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B&L 19 ENG
07 JUN
Digital resources for researchers and society
SOM360 is a digital platform that connects health professionals and society by exchanging knowledge, tools and experiences. Discover it!
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B&L 20 ENG
05 JUL
Participatory methodologies to involve the 1st person
Are you looking for citizen science techniques or processes to include affected people in research and transfer? We explore it with Science for Change
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Open, free and online knowledge capsules

The Breakfast&Learn is a formative initiative dedicated to innovation, valorization and transfer with a special focus on mental health and technology, led by the TECSAM network with the collaboration of the Catalan mental health cluster, Cluster Salut Mental Catalunya (CSMC).
These open meetings are expected to be a monthly space where knowledge is shared and synergies and networking are generated, where the speakers will be guests with expertise in the sector, including administration, research, the private sector, as well as users and families.

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    Previous B+L: watch them on video

    Bringing society and research closer

    XVI B&L-02
    XVI B&L: Gender, research and transfer

    Tools and case studies about the inclusion of gender perspective in research and transfer

    XV B&L-02
    XV B&L: Tools for innovation and transfer with Biocat

    Delve into the acceleration and transfer programs available for researchers, by Biocat

    XIV B&L-02
    XIV B&L- TECSAM Network: from research to transfer in mental health

    Learn about the Network's tools to promote knowledge transfer among members and the ecosystem

    XIII B&L-02
    XIII B&L: First steps in raising private funds for transfer

    Keys to find financing beyond competitive calls. Conference in charge of Patricio Hunt from Intelectium.

    XI B&L
    XI B&L: Tools for research and transfer in mental health in first person

    PRACTICAL GUIDE to include the affected group in the research projects of researchers, by Francisco Jose Eiroá

    IX B&L
    IX B&L: Spin-offs created from mental health research

    Three cases and experiences of the process of creating spin-offs: the necessary steps, the main difficulties, some allies and the challenges that must be faced

    VII B&L
    VII B&L: Collaborative projects research groups-startups

    Examples and success stories of projects between mental health research and the private sector with the aim of transferring knowledge to the market

    VI B&L
    VI B&L: Accelerate technology transfer by boosting the private sector

    Learn how to access the project hub and the CSMC living lab, as well as public-private funding calls, such as the AEIs.

    V B&L
    V B&L: Include gender perspective in research

    PRACTICAL GUIDE given by two researchers who are members of the TECSAM Network, Judith Usall and Susana Usall, experts in gender.

    IV B&L
    IV B&L: Business models from mental health research

    Solve your doubts about how to generate or define the business model in the field of mental health from the hand of the director of Inveniam, Jesús Purroy.

    III B&L
    III B&L: European calls for mental health

    Learn about the European calls and funding options for mental health research. We share the expert knowledge of Carla Ruiz from ACCIÓ.

    II B&L
    II B&L: The path from research to innovation and entrepreneurship

    + ROUND TABLE: Experiences of the transfer and generation of startups and/or spin-offs within the TECSAM Network.

    Regulation and protection of research results

    XII B&L
    XII B&L: How to accredit or certify Health Apps: from research to assistance

    Health Apps certification process: roadmap, requirements and obstacles. Talk with TIC Salut Social.

    X B&L
    X B&L: Regulation of software as a medical device

    We solve doubts about the regulation that governs software as medical devices. Led by Dominique Monferrer, Medical Device Director at the Asphalion consulting firm.

    VIII B&L
    VIII B&L: Medical devices and their regulation: solving doubts

    How does medical device regulation work? Talyta Carteano, an expert from Asphalion, will explain the regulation governing these technologies.

    I B&L
    I B&L: Protection of knowledge and innovation

    Do you want to know the different knowledge and innovation protection tools? We talk about patents, industrial design, trademarks or copyright to protect your software, app, algorithms!