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AI recognition of human behavior

Computer vision

General mental health

Intelligent visual monitoring system that uses computer vision and AI to improve the care of dependent people (in residences, health institutions or homes)

28 June, 2022

AI recognition of human behavior


Creation and implementation of a device based on computer vision technology and artificial intelligence with the aim of recording, identifying and interpreting risk situations that affect dependent people in their homes or other health institutions.

This solution supports the alertness, care and well-being of dependent patients, especially elderly people suffering from physical and mental health problems (depression, social isolation, anxiety, progressive memory loss, etc.).

This intelligent monitoring system aims to be a support tool for caregivers, health professionals and care staff to anticipate dangers or scenarios of vulnerability. It is a non-invasive, scalable and customizable technology. 

PI: Sergio Escalera Guerrero

Research group: Human Pose Recovery and Behavior Analysis (HuPBA)

Institution: Computer Vision Center (CVC) – Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

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