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Disruptive solutions from mental health research

Disruptive solutions from mental health research

Take a look at some of the science-based solutions developed by our members.

Thematic areas

Mental health promotion & prevention


Representative and pioneering study evaluating the lifestyle and health of children and adolescents aged 8 to 16 years old in Spain
G22. Gasol Foundation
Group PI: Santi F. Gómez

Remote rehabilitation

Neurological & cognition disorders


Gamified physical telerehabilitation system for people with chronic injuries
G18. LAM - Multimedia Applications and ICTs Laboratory
Group PI: Jordi Torner Ribé



Biomarker analysis

Extensive experience in the analysis of biomarkers for stress and other psychiatric pathologies in several biological matrices
G16. Neurobiology of Stress and Vulnerability to Psychopathology
Group PI: Antonio Armario García


Affective disorders


Interactive website with psychoeducational materials for young people on mental disorders and with direct contact with psychologists
G14. e-Mental Health, Prevention and Epidemiology in Neuropsychiatric Illnesses
Group PI: Diego Palao Vidal

Augmented/virtual/mixed reality

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Lands of Fog

Mixed Reality environment using Full-body Interaction to foster social initiation and collaboration behaviors in children with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)
G7. Cognitive Media Technologies (CMTech)
Group PI: Narcís Parés Burguès


General mental health

Brain and circulating extracellular vesicles

A novel source of biomarkers in psycothic spectrum disorders; Patented EVs as next-generation nanocarriers for improved delivery of psychoactive drugs (patent requested)
G34.+Pec Proteomics Research Group & G12.Genetics and Environment in Psychiatry (GAP)
Group PI: Xavier Gallart, Aida Serra & Elisabet Vilella Cuadrada


Chronic pain

Remote Intervention Protocols

Action guide to execute Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Behavioral Activation Therapy in patients with chronic low back pain plus comorbid depression using telecommunication
G5. Psychological Research in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain (ÀGORA)
Group PI: Juan Vicente Luciano Devis


Anatomy & brain function

NeuroImaging Tools

Developing tools to characterize brain function and structure in severe mental disorders with magnetic ressonance imaging
G4. Cerebral Imprints of Gender, Development and Pathology
Group PI: Christian Stephan-Otto Attolini

Computer vision

General mental health

AI recognition of human behavior

Intelligent visual monitoring system that uses computer vision and AI to improve the care of dependent people (in residences, health institutions or homes)
G6. Human Pose Recovery and Behavior Analysis (HuPBA)
Group PI: Sergio Escalera Guerrero


Mental health promotion & prevention


European Platform to Promote Wellbeing and Health in the workplace
G1. Epidemiology and Prevention of Mental Disorders
Group PI: Josep Maria Haro

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