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NEW: Medical devices and their regulation

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Start date: October 10, 2023

Medical devices: Practical guide on their regulation

Are you looking to expand your knowledge about medical devices or do you need to answer specific questions about their regulation? We offer a comprehensive 12-hour training that includes an explanation of the fundamental concepts of medical devices and delves into specific aspects related to their certification, quality requirements, and their application in the clinical field.

Free and online, ideal for Network researchers (PIs, pre-docs, post-docs, master's students, etc.)

Delivered by:

Talyta Carteano from Asphalion, a regulatory affairs specialist.


12 hours

Online mode

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Complete courses

Inclusion affected people

Change of date: 05/05 & 12/05

Inclusion of affected people in research and transfer

How to carry out participatory or co-produced research with affected people? This hybrid training will allow to know mechanisms to include the perspective of the first person in all phases of research, from clinical trials, methodological design or analysis of results. There will also be a historical view of the emergence and evolution of the research co-directed by the affected group.

Delivered by:

Francisco Jose Eiroá, Ramon y Cajal researcher at the University of Barcelona, and Elvira Rodriguez, social integration technician. Both experts are members of the First Person Mental Health Research Group (GR1P).


7,5 hours

Hybrid mode

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Intellectual property

Weekly, 26/05 -21/06

Intellectual property and mental health

Are you looking to protect your innovative solutions or projects before taking the step to the market? We make available to the research community a specific course in the legal field and intellectual protection to learn about different protection methods, the requirements to adopt them and how to include them from the initial stages of project development.

Delivered by:

Clarke Modet


10 hours

Online mode

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Learning, training, resources & more

Open face-to-face and virtual courses to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of research, entrepreneurship and transfer in mental health

This initiative is a quarterly training mechanism exclusively for Network groups that aims to stimulate interest and exchange of ideas on topics of great impact for members: industrial and intellectual property, regulatory issues, patents, European and/or national funding, medical devices, licensing, gender perspective and empowerment of affected people, citizen science, spin-off creation process, etc.

The training sessions will be carried out by national and international experts according to the subject matter.


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