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Intelectual property-2

Intellectual Property and Mental Health

Weekly, 26/05 to 21/06 - 10 hours

Tools for knowledge and innovation protection

ClarkeModet, an expert company in industrial and intellectual property, is giving a free and open training to all members of the Network to learn about the available ways to protect their results and solutions.

These 5 virtual sessions, each lasting 2 hours, will cover a wide range of topics: protection of apps and software, protection of patents and know-how, regulation of medical devices, transfer of knowledge through licensing or collaboration agreements, among others.

Key virtual meeting for training in the legal field.



Software protection
02 JUN
Software, app and platform protection (Session 02)
The session also includes the preservation of results from questionnaires, action protocols, translations, etc. in the mental health environment.
09 JUN
Protection of patents and utility models in the health environment (Session 03)
- How to safeguard know-how? - Differences between the triple helix: knowledge-business secret-patent.
21 JUN
Brand, a way to protect project results (Session 05)
- Knowledge transfer: licensing or collaboration agreements - Research results value: royalty studies and economic valuation of intangibles. - Verification of results protected by third parties (patent and brand databases).

Delivered by

Jose-Maria-del-Valle web
José María del Valle

IP Senior Consultant at ClarkeModet.

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