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Transfer, business and entrepreneurship: Tips for projects with high potential

Since 05/04, every Friday until 17/05 – 2 pm

Roadmap to transfer solutions with high potential

The TECSAM Network is launching a 100% online training where practical advice will be offered to facilitate the transfer of projects with high potential.
Likewise, for those more advanced projects, there will be an additional session where they can present their pitch in front of experts and investors, with the aim of receiving their professional feedback >.
The training will be in Catalan and Spanish and last 14 hours. There will be 7 sessions of 2 hours each combining theory with practice.

Delivered by

Marta Príncep

Co-Founder and Consultancy Director at BHV Partners

Albert G. Zamora

Co-Founder and Chairman of the board at BHV Partners

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