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Tools for research and transfer in mental health in first person

On Wednesday 5th October at 9:30h, we will celebrate the 11th Breakfast&Learn of the Network, a session addressed to all scientists who want to include the first person in mental health research and transfer. Researcher Francisco Jose Eiroá will share tools and some keys to do it! Register!

23 September, 2022

With the aim of providing the research community with tools to include affected people in research and knowledge transfer in the field of mental health, the TECSAM Network organize, on Wednesday 5 October, the 11th Breakfast&Learn: “Tools for research and transfer in mental health in the first person”.

In the next B&L, Francisco José Eiroá, Ramón y Cajal researcher at the UB, brings us a PRACTICAL GUIDE with tools and mechanisms to value and include the experience of users in research. In addition to developing his research in a first-person research group, Eiroá collaborates actively with the Federation of Catalan Entities of Mental Health in the First Person – VEUS and Obertament, two associations of affected people.

Apart from being part of the cycle of monthly virtual meetings that the Network organises around the transfer and valorisation of knowledge, this day is marked by World Mental Health Day on 10 October, and aims to focus on the need to incorporate the first person in research and transfer.

Mental health research is essential to advance knowledge and research results and to provide people with mental disorders with appropriate and high quality treatments. In this process, first-person experience is key in identifying challenges and issues and is also an important driver of knowledge.

Researchers often find it difficult to include this fundamental building block in research and knowledge transfer in the field of mental health. Register for this virtual session where you will be able to access background information, key tools and answer your questions.

The meeting will be held in a virtual format and with free access after registering on this form, where you can also leave written questions that the speaker will answer on the day of the meeting.

About the Breakfast & Learn

The Breakfast&Learn is a formative initiative dedicated to innovation, valorization and transfer with a special focus on mental health and technology, led by the TECSAM network with the collaboration of the Catalan mental health cluster, Cluster Salut Mental Catalunya (CSMC). These open meetings are expected to be a monthly space where knowledge is shared and synergies and networking are generated, where the speakers will be guests with expertise in the sector, including administration, research, the private sector, as well as users and families.

The meetings will focus on three major thematic areas: Tools for bringing society and research closer together (innovation, marketing, contact with the private sector, business models, spin-offs, empowerment of affected and user people…), tools for protecting research results (intellectual protection, patents, other protection models…), and tools for doing research with clinical research (ethical regulatory aspects, medical devices, digital tools, software…).


9 h – Welcome to the Breakfast&Learn by the TECSAM Network.

9:10 h – ONLINE – XI Breakfast&Learn: “Tools for research and transfer in mental health in first person”, in charge of Francisco Jose Eiroá, Ramón y Cajal researcher at the University of Barcelona (UB).

9:45 h – Q&A.

10:00 h – End of the meeting

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