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[B&L I video]: Paradigm shift: towards knowledge protection

José Ma del Valle, a lawyer and industrial property agent at Clarke Modet, has shared the differences and uses of the different tools for the protection of knowledge and innovation during the first Breakfast&Learn.

03 November, 2021

The protection of knowledge and innovation is an important step to be taken for any project or idea that is developing. So what is protected is the competitive advantage that has been discovered in relation to others, which makes a project different and relevant. Each has a better way of being protected through patents, industrial designs, brands and/or industrial secrets.  

This is explained by José Ma del Valle, a lawyer and industrial property agent at Clarke Modet, the guest rapporteur on the day “The Protection of Knowledge and Innovation through Industrial and Intellectual Property”, the first Breakfast and Learn from the TECSAM Network to which more than 50 people have attended. 

Del Valle has shared the differences and uses of the different tools for protecting knowledge and innovation, making particular reference to the protection of software, apps, algorithms, platforms and digital content. 

The round table includes Elisabeth Vilella, head of the Genetic and Environmental Group in Psiquiatria of the Fundación Institut d’Investigació Sanitaire Institut Pere Mata (IISPV) and Director of the Research Area of the Hospital Institut de Salut Mental (Instituto de Salut de la Hospital de la Santa Cruz i Santa Pau (IR-SCSP); Karina Gibert, Director of the Centre de Investigació Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDEAI) of the Universitat Politecha de Catalunya (UPC); and Diego Hidalgo, Psiquiatre and Post-doctoral Investigator in new technologies of the Unit de Trastorns Bipolars i Depressius, Department of Psychiatry and Psychology of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. 

All of them have agreed on the paradigm shift to be made, moving from the importance of publications to the importance of the protection, valuation and transfer of knowledge.   

You can see the I Breakfast&Learn again:



About Breakfast&Learn 

The Breakfast&Learn is a formative initiative dedicated to innovation, valorization and transfer with a special focus on mental health and technology, led by the TECSAM network with the collaboration of the Catalan mental health cluster, Cluster Salut Mental Catalunya (CSMC). These open meetings are expected to be a monthly space where knowledge is shared and synergies and networking are generated, where the speakers will be guests with expertise in the sector, including administration, research, the private sector, as well as users and families.

The meetings will focus on three major thematic areas: Tools for bringing society and research closer together (innovation, marketing, contact with the private sector, business models, spin offs, empowerment of affected and user people…), tools for protecting research results (intellectual protection, patents, other protection models…), and tools for doing research with clinical research (ethical regulatory aspects, medical devices, digital tools, software…). Also, the member groups of the Network can participate as expert speakers or participants at a round table.

In the upcoming weeks, the TECSAM network will confirm the final timetable for these meetings.

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