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Research with gender perspective at the XVI B&L

Do you want to know ways-to-do, tools and success stories to include the gender perspective in research and transfer? Some keys at the B&L.

14 February, 2023
B&L 16 ENG

Do you consider the gender issue in the research and knowledge transfer process? Do you want to learn about tools and good practices in this regard? On Wednesday, March 8 at 9 am we will celebrate the XVI Breakfast&Learn aimed at providing the research community with mechanisms to include gender sensitivity in research. Register here. 

On this occasion, the virtual meeting will be led by Maite Solans Domènech, in charge of promoting the evaluation of the impact of responsible research and innovation at the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (AQuAS), who will give us a comprehensive view of the existing biases in research and some tools to break with this dynamic. 

Did you know that not incorporating gender can have a negative impact on the quality and applicability of research? For two reasons: it does not contain the vision and knowledge provided by women (they represent half of the population), on the one hand, and it can lead to biased results, on the other. Therefore, it is key to ensure the inclusion of the gender dimension in all R+D+I processes. 

This meeting will not only provide researchers with a more procedual and programmatic approach to the steps to be taken to ensure the incorporation of the gender perspective, but will also make possible to learn first-hand about some success stories of research groups in the TECSAM Network that have already started down this path. 

Thus, the speaker will present the guidelines to follow and the criteria to take into account, accompanied by specific examples from the field of mental health, and in parallel, we will invite researchers to explain their experience in this area (pending confirmation of the speakers). Do not miss the opportunity to receive training from experts! 

Learn about ways-to-do, tools and resources for research and transfer with a gender perspective! Haven’t you registered yet? Save the day on your calendar!


About the Breakfast & Learn 

The Breakfast&Learn is a formative initiative dedicated to innovation, valorization and transfer with a special focus on mental health and technology, led by the TECSAM network with the collaboration of the Catalan mental health cluster, Cluster Salut Mental Catalunya (CSMC). These open meetings are expected to be a monthly space where knowledge is shared and synergies and networking are generated, where the speakers will be guests with expertise in the sector, including administration, research, the private sector, as well as users and families. 

The meetings will focus on three major thematic areas: Tools for bringing society and research closer together (innovation, marketing, contact with the private sector, business models, spin-offs, empowerment of affected and user people…), tools for protecting research results (intellectual protection, patents, other protection models…), and tools for doing research with clinical research (ethical regulatory aspects, medical devices, digital tools, software…). 



9h – Welcome to the 16th Breakfast & Learn 

9:05h – Virtual session “Gender, research and tech transfer”, in charge of Maite Solans Domènech, in charge of promoting the evaluation of the impact of responsible research and innovation at the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (AQuAS). 

9:45h – Successful cases of gender inclusion in research, by research groups members of the TECSAM Network (pending confirmation of the speakers).   

10:15h – Q&A 

12:30h – End of the meeting

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