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New website launched

The TECSAM Network's new website is now available! Solutions portfolio, events, training capsules and more, just a click away. Dive into the world of innovation in mental health!

02 December, 2022

The new website aims to be an open window to the innovation that takes place within the research groups that are members of the Network.

The TECSAM Network publishes a new website with the aim of sharing disruptive solutions and generating synergies in the field of innovation in mental health. The new website aims to showcase both the actions and activities of the Network and the research results and projects developed by the research groups that are part of it, with the aim of contributing to their visibility and transfer.

The website, the result of many months of work and dedication, has an updated, practical and visually more attractive design and allows a more intuitive navigation and responds to the needs in terms of content that we have detected in the ecosystem of innovation in mental health, such as the area of calls for proposals. This section of the website, which is constantly updated, includes the main calls for funding, both public and private, to help advance projects beyond research.

This website also provides access to training capsules, news and events organised by the TECSAM Network, among other types of specialised content in the field of technology and mental health.

Just over two years ago, the TECSAM Network began its journey with a clear goal: to promote the transfer of knowledge, research results and technology in mental health in order to bring it closer to society and improve people’s quality of life. Thus, the launch of this new website is a key part of the Network’s communication strategy to achieve this goal.

We keep moving for transfer and innovation in mental health!


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