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Identifying mental health challenges with people affected

Co-creating meeting with people affected by mental health problems to identify those challenges that concern them most.

26 January, 2022

The TECSAM network has organized a meeting of co-creation with people affected by mental health problems in order to identify those mental health challenges that are most of their concern. 

During the session, participants have highlighted challenges such as chronicity and resistance to treatment, suicide, social exclusion, stigma, and early detection, among others. The problems mentioned will be moved to be resolved within this year’s TECSAM Mental Health Innovation Competition. Furthermore, the TECSAM network will share these challenges in the form of a document with the entire network ecosystem and especially with the member groups. 

The meeting was attended by members of the Catalan Mental Health Federation, ActivaMent, Baix Llobregat Mental Health and linked with first-person autism. The meet was started by sharing general impressions of challenges in mental health from his perspective, and later, through participatory dynamics, concrete challenges were refined, defining those collectives, problems, situations and moments of attention that require more attention, depending on the participants. 

The involvement of people affected by mental health problems is central to building solutions and addressing mental health. That is why, for the Network, it is vital to have its participation and to give its perspective. 

One of the transversal objectives of the Network is to achieve the inclusion of first-person gaze in any project and activity carried out. This year it is planned to participate in all future activities of the Network. 

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