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How to accredit or certify Health Apps: from research to assistance

On Wednesday 2 November at 9am, the TECSAM Network is holding the XII Breakfast&Learn, entitled “how to accredit or certify health Apps: from research to care” where Carme Pratpadua and Bufill from TIC Social Health will talk about the certification process, the roadmap and the main obstacles for the development of health apps. Join us!

13 October, 2022

Mobile health applications, better known as health apps, have the potential to solve needs and add value to people’s health. However, before they can be used, they must go through an accreditation system to assess their quality and ensure that they meet security and usability requirements.

What are the steps to accredit apps for health purposes and introduce them into the healthcare environment? At the TECSAM Network’s 12th B&L, entitled “How to accredit or certify health apps: from research to assistance”, we focus the discussion on the certification process, the roadmap and the main obstacles to developing health apps. Book your place for our next B&L meeting, which will be held on Wednesday 2 November at 9am in virtual format.

In this sense, the existence of a regulatory institution aimed at supervising the functioning and safety of these applications is essential to improve confidence in their use, both by health professionals in the care setting and by users.

Carme Pratdepàdua i Bufill, head of the mHealth area of the Fundació TIC Salut Social, the official accreditation body in Catalonia, will be with us to find out how the regulations are applied and what are the keys that health researchers (responsible for the development of these technologies) must follow in the certification process.

In the field of research, it is often difficult to know the clinical efficacy, quality, risk and usability criteria that health applications must meet in order to be commercialised, due to legislation or regulations that often lag behind technological innovations in health.

With Pratdepadua we can learn about the most important aspects when it comes to regulating health apps, the quality indicators that we must take into account, the criteria for developing these technologies with maximum safety for users, and much more.

Do you need to accredit or certify your health App, but you don’t know where to start? Find out the steps to launch your application to the healthcare field with all the guarantees in terms of reliability, security and minimum risk! Register in the XII B&L through the following link.

The speaker will answer all the attendees’ questions in an open question and answer session at the end of the session. We encourage you to take part in this unique learning space with professional experts in the field!

About the Breakfast & Learn

The Breakfast&Learn is a formative initiative dedicated to innovation, valorization and transfer with a special focus on mental health and technology, led by the TECSAM network with the collaboration of the Catalan mental health cluster, Cluster Salut Mental Catalunya (CSMC). These open meetings are expected to be a monthly space where knowledge is shared and synergies and networking are generated, where the speakers will be guests with expertise in the sector, including administration, research, the private sector, as well as users and families.

The meetings will focus on three major thematic areas: Tools for bringing society and research closer together (innovation, marketing, contact with the private sector, business models, spin-offs, empowerment of affected and user people…), tools for protecting research results (intellectual protection, patents, other protection models…), and tools for doing research with clinical research (ethical regulatory aspects, medical devices, digital tools, software…).

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9 h – Welcome to the Breakfast&Learn by the TECSAM Network.

9:10 h – ONLINE – XII Breakfast&Learn: “How to accredit or certify Health Apps: from research to assistance”, in charge of Carme Pratdepàdua i Bufill, head of the mHealth area at Fundació TIC Salut Social.

9:45 h – Q&A.

10:00 h – End of the meeting

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