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Healthy lifestyles can prevent brain diseases

The TECSAM Network joins the "Brain health for Life" days, where Dr. Maite Garolera, a member of the Network, has been one of the speakers.

17 December, 2020

The TECSAM Network joins the “Brain health for Life” days, where Dr. Maite Garolera, a member of the Network, has been one of the speakers

Highlighting the power of a healthy lifestyle and environment to prevent brain diseases has been a constant in “Brain Health for Life” days.

In this meeting, clinical experts and researchers have analyzed and debated the latest advances in the promotion of brain health from a multidisciplinary approach, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, and the impact of social and psychological factors.

There has also been room for discussion regarding the potential effects of COVID on this matter: “It is possible that COVID-19 has effects on the brain, and we have seen studies documenting post-COVID-19 cognitive deficits already published“.

These are Dr Maite Garolera Freixa’s words, as a Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist and Director of the research group “Brain, Cognition and Behavior: clinical research” at the Terrassa Health Consortium, and member of the TECSAM Network. Dr. Garolera has led the talk “Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health” jointly with David Bartrés-Faz, UB and BHI researcher.

Dr. Garolera has also spoken about the relationship between the inflammation caused by COVID and the effects on cognition, as well as the study that her and her team have undertaken to investigate the effects of persistent COVID.

“Brain Health for Life” has been organized by Biocat and “la Caixa” Foundation and Institut Guttmann, with the collaboration of the Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Barcelona, Meditecnology and Medicen Paris, within the framework of the B-Debate.

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