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Adding international connections at Bionnale 2022

The TECSAM Network has participated in this year's Bionnale edition, held on May 11 and 12 in Berlin and in virtual format, where it has held around 10 virtual meetings with international benchmarks in research and the business fabric in the field of health. We continue establishing international connections!

10 June, 2022

The participation of the TECSAM Network in this year’s Bionnale edition has resulted in 10 virtual meetings and two possible collaborations with a spin-off from the University of Toronto

The TECSAM Network has held around 10 virtual meetings with agents from the life sciences industry at the Bionnale world congress, which took place on May 11 and 12 in Berlin, to establish links with benchmarks in the international health research and business fabric.

During this forum, which was held in a hybrid format, online (May 11) and face-to-face (May 12), the Network laid the foundations for two possible collaborations with a spin-off from the University of Toronto that is developing an innovative digital solution for people with dementia and memory problems. At the same time, the TECSAM Network has been in contact with leading pharmaceutical companies in the health sector.

These meetings, which have taken place in virtual format, are a step forward in the Network’s internationalization plan, in order to boost the creation of synergies with global research groups and stimulate the innovative mental healthecosystem in Catalonia and beyond.

The Bionnale forum annually brings together companies, startups and research institutions with the aim of promoting the creation of disruptive ideas, joint projects and collaborations in the field of digital health, as well as finding financing funds,as corporate, institutional and risk capital investors, among others, are also assisted.

In the 2022 edition of Bionnale, conferences, networking sessions and seminars have been held which have put on the table the latest innovations in the field of health: biotechnology, medical technology, digital health and pharmaceutical products, among others.

This year’s double session has provided opportunities for pairing and cooperation between research and the private sector,leading to the development of joint research to bring disruptive ideas, solutions and proposals to the market and society.

In 2021, this international event brought together more than 1,000 attendees around the challenges posed by digital health. You can check the entire program for this year here.

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