Regulation of the software as a medical device

On Wednesday, September 14 at 9 a.m., we return after the summer break with the Network’s 10th Breakfast&Learn, where we will have the Asphalion expert, Talyta Carteano, to address the specific regulation that governs the software as a medical device and the criteria to be taken into account to validate and bring these products to market. Sign up!

Leap from the “laboratory” to the practical application: technologies available to people and professionals

How to transfer technology beyond research? Learn about the opportunities to create technological solutions at the service of people from researchers expert in creating spin-offs at the Network’s IX B&L, held this Wednesday. Did you miss it or do you want to see it again? Video of the session available deferred!

The purpose of the medical device, a key element to define its regulation

How does medical device regulation work? From the hand of Talyta Carteano, an expert from Asphalion, we have been able to learn about the European regulation that governs these technologies and the process to be followed by researchers to launch them on the market, at the Network’s VIII B&L. Did you miss it? Read our blog post!

OPEN REGISTRATION: Mental health and technology co-creation workshop

On Tuesday, June 21, the TECSAM Network celebrates the Technology Exploration Day (TED), a free and open co-creation day where we will address mental health challenges from representatives of research, the private sector, public administration and affected people. Do not miss it! WE OPEN REGISTRATION.

Sharing insights and responding to the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at Living Lab Day

In the I edition of the Living Lab Day of the CSMC we have shed light on some of the challenges posed by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): the key role of families and the community, the need to create a model for approaching ASD and the role played by technology.