Catalonia Mental Health Federation enters the Network Management Committe

Xavier Trabado as incumbent and Àngel Urbina as deputy, both members of the Catalonia Mental Health Federation (FSMC) will be the representatives of the people affected and their relatives within the governing body of the TECSAM Network, the Management Committee.

The accession of representatives of the people concerned to the management body of the TECSAM network was an indispensable requirement and one that ensures their representation and voice in the decision-making of the European Union.

The Management Committee is the Management Authority of the TECSAM Network and is responsible, among other matters, for revising and approving the Network’s strategy (which is being finalized) and monitoring the implementation of the operations programme, reached targets and indicators of legacy.

Following this last appointment, the TECSAM Network Management Committee is finally set up and consists of the following members:

Presidency:  Josep Maria Haro (FSJD/PSSJD)  
Judit López Luque  
Iris Mauricio Arribas

On behalf of Hospitals:    

  1. PSSJD/FSJD – Juan Vicente Luciano 
  2. IDIBELL/HU Bellvitge – Carles Soriano    
  3. VHIR – A. Ramos Quiroga  
  4. H. De la Santa Creu i Sant Pau – Iluminada Corripio 

On behalf of Universities

  1. UB – Sergio Escalera  

On behalf of Research Centers:    

  1. IBEC – Paul Verschure  

On behalf of entities that have joined:

  1. Catalonia Mental Health Cluster, CSMC – Marta Sánchez  

On behalf of the people affected:

  1. Catalonia Mental Health Federation, FSMC – Xavier Trabado i Àngel Urbina (incumbent and deputy)

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