The TECSAM Network constitutes its Executive Committee

It has reviewed the proposal for an updated chronogram for 2021 and 2022, as well as the list of activities and actions amended taking into account the needs and expectations of the members of the TECSAM network.

In this regard, it has been pointed out that during 2021, two programs led by the TECSAM Network will be launched to provide specific tools and resources to the member groups for the transfer of knowledge and intellectual property protection.

It has also been explained that in the coming weeks the Breakfast & Learn formative cycle will be started, which will consist of useful training pills for the research groups that have concerns related to transfer. The first networking session, scheduled for the first half of the year, will also be called.

During the session, the coordinator of the network, Dr Josep Maria Haro, has pointed out its main objectives: to make research known and to provide useful services for groups, individually and also collectively. A brainstorming dynamic has also been carried out aimed at starting to define the strategic lines that will be decided by the Network Executive Committee.

On the other hand, the main milestones achieved by the TECSAM Network have also been reviewed: individual meetings with 27 of the 29 member groups of the Network, contact with users and associations, international contacts and with entities of the territory, presentation of the first website and synergies with the Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia.

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