AgeingFit 2021, the first international event for the Network

The CSMC invited the Network to this European event for innovation in healthy ageing.

The New Technologies in Mental Health Innovation Network (TECSAM) has attended the fifth edition of AgeingFit, invited by the Clúster de Salut Mental de Catalunya  (CSMC), partner of the event.

The event, focused on innovation in healthy ageing in Europe, has allowed the TECSAM Network to generate contacts with relevant organisations and ecosystems in the sector and within the international scope.

These contacts are the first step in creating links and synergies leading to the transfer of knowledge, our main goal,” explains Judit López, Promoter of the TECSAM Network.

The Network has finished its participation at AgeingFit with relevant contacts such as the ‘EHTEL workstream’, a telepsychiarty network in Denmark, or the AGETECH Accelerator, an international accelerator project born within the SEAS 2 Grow programme.

AgeingFit 2021 is the fifth edition of a European week, which, through conferences, innovation pitches and individual meetings, aims to boost innovation in the field of healthy ageing. It is an open event for collaboration, and fertile ground for co-creation.

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